5 Red Flags When Interviewing Prospective Wedding DJs

5 Red Flags When Interviewing Prospective Wedding DJs

1. A DJ Who Doesn’t Return Your Calls

This very important to be aware of because a DJ that does not respond in a timely manner means he or she probably doesn’t see your needs as a priority. In addition, lack of communication can be extremely problematic when it comes closer to the date of your event. A DJ you can’t contact will cause unnecessary stress added to your special day. It’s best to find a DJ who you can count on and will be easy to contact.

2. A DJ Who Does Not Use Contracts

This is another extremely important red flag to look out for. Contracts exist to protect you, as well as the DJ. A contract prevents your hired DJ from picking up a better offer at the last minute and not showing up to your event. Unfortunately, there are unethical DJs that would do that, so it’s important to be sure of what you are getting into. To ensure your expectations are met and both parties are held accountable, a contract is very much necessary.

3. A DJ Who is Vague About Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is a must. Wedding DJs should say “I do” when asked if they have liability insurance. It is a very simple question, so if the DJ isn’t able to provide a clear answer, it’s safe to assume they do not have liability insurance. Insurance is necessary to avoid lawsuits and third-party claims. In some cases, venues will require that DJs add them as an additional insured in order to protect them from your liability. Overall, a DJ who has insurance is a safe and careful DJ. This says a lot about their professionalization and how they view their customers.

4. A DJ Who Lacks Reviews or Testimonials

Looking at reviews online has become a huge step in the consumer shopping process. Whether it be a service, a product, or even a place, reviews are there to help the consumer make a decision. They serve a great purpose—to help you get a better understanding of what it is you are seeking to buy. Since you are looking for a service, reviews are very relevant in the DJ/music industry! It’s a good sign if your prospective DJ has many reviews that are also positive. A DJ who lacks reviews, or cannot share testimonials of brides and grooms, is probably an inexperienced DJ and this should raise some concerns for you. While beginning DJs May have a lot of experience, it’s better to choose someone that is able to showcase their experience with reviews to back it up.

5. A Pushy DJ

Lastly, a DJ who is pushy or pressuring you into hiring them is not a good DJ. A DJ should be a good listener, constantly being aware of your needs and expectations, not the one calling the shots of your event. While a DJ is expected to kickstart a party and guide it along, they should also be following an agreed upon agenda that is created by you. A DJ that doesn’t listen or acts pushy should raise a red flag that your event may be hijacked by the DJ.


We hope these red flags help you determine the best DJ for your special day. A great DJ can make your event an unforgettable experience. For more information on DJ services, contact us, Famous DJ Agency, on our website or any of our social media platforms. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you might have!

Hayley Alvarez