Over the last decade, Giovanni Cruz, also known as DJ KR8DIGGER, has been making hundreds of crowds dance to his unique mixing style. From his open format style of mixing to his versatile techniques that manipulate music and sounds. His unique sound has evolved with the evolution of music and past genres. 

What started as a love for music, quickly became a passion for this 80s born DJ. Being born in the late 80s and growing up in the early 90s shaped KR8DIGGER into a young Hip Hop genius. With a unique style combined with heavy Hip Hop influence, Giovanni created a signature style that always leaves crowds wanting more. 

Without misnomer, DJ KR8DIGGER lives up to his name as he spends countless hours discovering music, and digging into old record crates for precious gems. Ultimately, this DJ keeps the crowds pleased while holding up to this exclusive name. 

With one successful event to the next, KR8DIGGER continues to work on his craft in collaboration with well known industry artists, online radio stations, night clubs, private and public events. KR8DIGGER is the right Dj for any event. 

It is only fitting that KR8DIGGER has joined our team as we continue to provide amazing and talented DJs such as him to numerous events all over Southern California. If you would like to book KR8DIGGER, please contact us in order to reserve him for your event.