Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Wedding DJ

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You spend months, sometimes years, planning your big day. The planning has taken you lots of time, lots of decisions, and lots of minor breakdowns, but you finally have the perfect wedding. This event is going to be a once in a lifetime event, so you want everything to go as planned. You want every detail to stay as you had imagined it. You hired all of the right vendors, you paid extra for your event coordinator, you got the best photographer because you wanted every moment captured. The thought of looking at your video highlight after the event illuminates your vision even brighter.

FAMOUS DJ Agency Weddings

1.Lack of Experience

    • One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make when hiring a DJ is hiring an inexperienced one. Experience is critical when booking a DJ for your event, and settling for someone who hasn’t been in the business for a long time is a mistake. Hiring a professional who makes sure to be on time is only the first step to hiring a DJ.

    • An experienced DJ will know how to read a crowd, when to play certain songs, how to announce your entrance as a married couple, and how to transition into toasts and first dances. An experienced DJ will give you peace of mind during your big day.

A DJ is supposed to hype the crowd and create high energy for the entire night. The lack of energy in an inexperienced DJ will put a damper on your reception. This is not worth the risk for such a huge event that only happens once in your life.

FAMOUS DJ Agency Weddings

2. Choosing the Cheapest DJ You Can Find

    • There’s no need to go all out and hire Calvin Harris, unless of course you’ve got that kind of money. What we are saying is that you should be more conscientious about the quality of DJ you’re hiring. Do some price shopping and look for a DJ that’s going to provide what you are looking for while keeping the cost at a reasonable amount. Setting a budget after doing your price shopping is a perfect way to stay on target.

Remember the saying that goes, “You get what you pay for”? Well, it’s especially true when it comes to hiring a DJ! There are so many things that can go wrong when you hire a cheap DJ. Can you imagine hiring a DJ and that DJ no longer being in business by the time your wedding comes around? You would be surprised to know the number of weddings we have saved from this particular circumstance. Famous DJ Agency has been exceeding expectations for over 15 years; our clients are assured with the security and reliability that we are not going anywhere.

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3. Not Finding the Right Fit 

    • Your DJ will be responsible for keeping the timeline on track. They will be in charge of the toasts, special dances, etc. They also have the responsibility of making the event fun while there is nothing happening. Whether it’s by playing the right music that all guests love or by playing a couple of games with everyone.

    • Everyone expects different things from a DJ and that’s okay. You might want a DJ that can crack a joke or encourage people to dance. Your significant other might want a DJ that is more formal and who will be polite and just stick to the timeline. The DJ you choose should be able to adapt to either style.

The way a DJ facilitates your wedding day is what will impact you and your guests. A DJ should be able to read the crowd and know when to change the music and how to engage with the crowd. By meeting with your DJ, you can discuss what it is you want and see if that’s what they can do.

FAMOUS DJ Agency Weddings

4. Not Booking Your DJ Early Enough

    • We understand that the DJ is not on top of your to do list. We want to really warn you that you should be booking your DJ 6 months to 1 year in advance. Many well respected DJ Agencies get overbooked during the wedding season. You want to ensure that you have the freedom to choose the DJ that you want at your event.

Waiting until the last minute, you’ll have to choose whichever DJ is left which might or might not be the fit you want for your wedding day. Booking a DJ early will also let you check off one of the big tasks in your wedding book. This gives you the opportunity to focus on the other areas of your wedding day.

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