DJ Myths Debunked

DJ Myths DebunkedMyth 1: DJs Talk Too Much


If you’ve ever felt that the DJ you booked spoke too much, then he wasn’t doing his job right. A DJ should be a well spoken MC who speaks with a purpose, and that is to bring energy out of the crowd and onto the dancefloor. A DJ should never ramble on the mic and annoy the guests. What separates an average DJ from a great DJ is whether he listens to your requests, expectations, and specific needs. If your DJ is unable to fully listen to your needs and requests, it may be time to find another DJ for your event. Our team is laser focused on providing an experience customized and tailored just for you. A great DJ hears your input and follows those guidelines in order to give you the best experience, which is something you can always expect from our DJs.


Myth 2: Anyone Can Be A Good DJ


This is definitely not true. DJing is almost like a calling. Sure, anyone can buy turntables, but it truly takes something more to be a good DJ. A DJ has quite a few tasks at hand. For professional DJs, it is a full-time occupation. Much studying and preparing goes into a DJ’s daily routine. To simply say anyone can play music and be a DJ is far from the truth. A professional DJ masters the art of mixing and prepares for every event. (They may even produce music outside of their professional event gigs.) Since every event is different, the preparation is different as well. A DJ also reads the crowd and knows what songs to play at what point in the event. This requires DJs to have an impressive knowledge of music and people-reading skills.


Myth 3: DJs Only Play Music You Hear On The Radio


This is not true for every DJ. The truth is that some people request songs that are frequently heard on the radio, while others request less popular songs. It all depends on the event and the crowd. A great DJ first gets to know his client and generates music based off the clients music taste. Since everyone is different, a large variety of songs are constantly being played from events we provide DJ services for. A lot of DJs will weave in lesser known tracks in with more popular songs. This will give you the feeling of a personalized set that isn’t filled with the songs you’d typically hear on your commute to work or home.


Myth 4: All DJs Know How To Mix


Unfortunately, this isn’t true. While it’d be incredibly amazing if all DJs were knowledgeable in the art of mixing, but, in reality, not all are. Mixing is when multiple tracks are mixed together most often to make one strong continuous track. This seamlessly blends tracks together avoiding any silent pauses in between songs. Mixing offers the DJ the ability to keep the party alive and increasing the level of energy. This is also what sets an average DJ apart from a good, professional DJ. A DJ’s mixing ability can really affect the way people engage with/on the dance floor. No one wants to be on the grooving on the floor and then have their dancing interrupted with a really bad track switch.


Myth 5: DJs Get Paid To Party


This is mostly false. A DJ provides services for parties, and that doesn’t quite mean he’s getting paid to enjoy the party like a guest. A lot of work goes on during the event in addition to preparing before. During the event, a DJ is expected to set up and take down his equipment. In addition to playing music, the DJ most likely is in constant communication with the contact or party planner making sure everything is going according to the plan. However, a great DJ loves his job, making his gigs enjoyable and bringing positive energy to every event.


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Hayley Alvarez