How DJs Create Energy

How DJs Create Energy



As a DJ, confidence is a necessity. A good amount of confidence can bring the energy needed for a great party.  When a DJ MC’s or executes his or her mixes, it is important that the DJ remains confident in order to keep guests feeling the right energy. No one wants to see a DJ who is unsure of themselves. They need to come out and bring the party with them.

2. Get people on the dance floor


Dancing brings people together. It can break down barriers and get people from all different backgrounds all together onto one dance floor. Dancing is the perfect mechanism when creating energy. DJs have to make sure that the audience is vibing with the music. If the audience wants something different, the DJ should be able to tweak their set to get people grooving.

3. Road trip!


As a DJ company, we  often travel all over the map to new locations we have never been to before. By engaging in a different crowd every weekend, we gain a better understanding of how people from different places like to party and have fun. Expanding your scope is the best way to gain experience. Take risks and do the event across town! It could be a valuable experience.

4. Make connections


Part of traveling from party to party means  meeting new people. Getting in touch with people from all over the world makes a DJ very well-rounded in music and culture. As a result, the DJ knows that each party he or she goes to is always going to be different, allowing him/her to customize your DJ experience in a way that is perfect for your unique event. This is something that the Famous DJs are known for. If you’re going for a unique vibe, our DJs will cater to that and make sure it rocks.

5. BE the energy


DJs are able to play songs that lead crowds to feel energized. They understand that energy is contagious and they share it with the crowd. If a DJ isn’t stoked about being at the party, it’s likely that that energy will permeate the general ambiance of the party, which will bring everyone down. Whether you are a DJ or in a totally different career, your good energy will always transmit to someone else.


Our team at Famous DJ Agency enjoys using all the qualities above. We love bringing great energy to your special event. Each event we do, we  tailor your DJ experience to your liking so that you will have a party you will never forget. If you’re not sure what you want regarding music, let us handle it for you. Our Famous DJs practically breathe music. They’ll be able to identify your tastes as well as those of the attending guests, and will cater to you and them.

Hayley Alvarez