Professional DJ vs. Friend With a Playlist For Your Wedding

Book a Professional DJ vs. Friend With a Playlist For Your Wedding

A wedding is often one of the most formal events guests attend. It’s sacred and unforgettable. It’s also more than event; it’s an entire day that signals the beginning of a beautiful union. It’s no wonder why couples aim to make their wedding perfect. To get that perfect day couples spend tons of money on putting together the perfect wedding. But how much is actually pivotal in having an awesome wedding? This is the type of question couples should ask themselves so that they can put their money where it matters most. One service that couples should be willing to splurge a little is definitely on the DJ! While having a friend come up with a playlist is a much more economically friendly option, it definitely will be much more work than hiring a professional DJ. Here are a couple of reasons it may be in your interest to go with a pro!

  1. Good DJs also MC

An MC is so important for many reasons. For one, an MC will always be ready to make any necessary announcements. This is key for organizational purposes during a wedding, as well as keeping a timely order. Also, an MC will keep the crowd engaged and enthusiastic, and will encourage them to stay energized for the whole event. This will lead guests to clap, laugh, and dance and most importantly, have a great time! If you have announcements or games included in your event, the MC will make everything flow smoothly.

  1. Unlimited music content!

A DJ has it all, but a playlist is limited. Some weddings go on for a good several hours. Many DJs will also be able to accommodate you and continue to play amazing beats if your party runs longer than planned, which is easy for a DJ but difficult for someone who has only a playlist to work with. In addition, a DJ is always available for song requests! Having a a guest with a playlist would eliminate the option of having song requests.

  1.  A DJ has quality speakers

You don’t want to find out on the day of your wedding that your friend with a playlist forgot a speaker. In some cases, venues will be equipped with speakers, but they may not be quality speakers. Hiring a professional DJ will allow you to feel confident that they will be bringing great quality speakers! It’s one less thing to worry about on your special day!

  1. Reliable

If you are counting on one individual to provide music at your wedding, you want to make sure they are positively going to be there. However, if for some reason your friend with a playlist can no longer make it to the wedding, you are going to be musicless for your wedding! By hiring a DJ you can be guaranteed a DJ, even in the case of an emergency. If the DJ is unable to be of service on the day of your wedding, you can still expect another DJ from the company to be there!

Having the least amount of worries on your wedding day is the best feeling! By hiring a professional DJ, you can feel confident that your entertainment needs will be filled. At famous DJ Agency, we will work closely with you to make sure your experience is completely customized and tailored to your liking. We want to give you the best DJ experience ever!

Hayley Alvarez