Top Questions To Ask Your DJ

Top Questions To Ask Your DJ

1. Is being a DJ your main business or do you have another profession/career?

Hiring a DJ who is experienced and willing to give you his/her full attention can make for a great experience. A big difference in a DJ’s work can depend on whether or not he/she is well-rounded and passionate about his/her work. A great DJ who is not just DJing as a side job, but is constantly practicing and gaining experience is most definitely going to be the better option.

2. How do you tailor the music to be compatible with us and our guests?

At Famous DJ Agency, we take into account that every couple is going to have a different taste in music. As a result, we make sure our DJs get to know your music tastes and expectations. We also offer paperwork where you are able to list songs you do not want played and songs that you like so that we can use them as a reference. If a DJ ever tells you that he/she has a set music list and does not take any form of requests (including requests of the person(s) hiring), you’re probably speaking to the wrong DJ.

3. How do you get the crowd engaged, energized, and in the party spirit?

We understand that being a DJ for a wedding doesn’t just mean playing song after song. Instead, we will take on the role of MC, DJ, and, occasionally, party coordinator if necessary. When you hire a Famous DJ, you can be guaranteed that your dance floor will be packed all night long. Our mixes will encourage your guests to get out of their chairs and dancing ‘til they drop. For those moments when everyone is a little too shy to start dancing, our Famous DJs will step in to get the party going. They might even call someone out to the dance floor to dance with them!

Since we also fulfill the MC duties, we often are the announcers for games, special announcements, and other things during an event. Instead of simply stating what needs to be said, we excitedly inform the guests of games and announcements.

4. Do you take song requests?

We are completely willing to take song requests. First and foremost, we want to make sure your music taste is being played to your specifications. Whether you would like to have song requests at your event is entirely up to you. Should you decide that guests are not allowed to make requests, we will completely respect that decision and refrain from accepting music requests.

5. Have you played at the selected event venue before?

This a great question because a DJ that has played at your venue before probably has a good idea of the room size, staff, and vendors. They are also more likely to be well prepared in terms of sound and making sure the quality is the best it can be. This can also give you a little insight into their past events and who they are as a professional. If a DJ has played at a certain venue multiple times, it may be because of their skill.

6.  If you are suddenly unable to DJ at our event, do you have a backup DJ? If so, who are they and are we able to contact them?

This is important to ask your DJ because you may expect a certain DJ to be present at your wedding and you don’t want to be surprised on your wedding day that someone else is filling their space. Communication is key in this situation. Since Famous DJ Agency is an actual agency with several DJs, we do our best to give you our best DJs. However, if you have a request for a certain DJ, we will make sure you are granted that request if the DJ is available. There is also no need to worry about flaky DJs with us. Once a DJ is set to perform at your event, you can rest assured that they will be there.

7. Are there other services that you offer such as lighting and projectors?

Last but not least, asking for other services is a great way to book all your entertainment needs in one shot. Asking to see their prices and work are also great follow-up questions if you’re looking for lighting or maybe projector services. This will also give you insight to see how established a DJ is. Many novice DJs do not have their own equipment. If a DJ is able to provide lighting, projectors, and even a fog machine, it may be a sign that they’ve been in the game for a while and know what they’re doing.


Ultimately, asking your DJ questions will either make you feel confident that you made the right choice or make you realize you should look for another DJ who is better fit for your event. At Famous DJ Agency, we are more than willing to answer any questions you might have without hesitation. In addition, we want to make sure you have the best event possible and want to work closely with you so that your special day is truly tailored to your personality and reflective of your music taste.


Hayley Alvarez