4 Ways To Stay Busy Under Lockdown As A DJ

Party mood is completely on LOCKDOWN! Bands and artists are postponing events indefinitely because of a virus that has taken over the world. This Virus is named COVID-19 or otherwise known as Coronavirus and it is affecting everyone in the world. This definitely includes DJs because the world can no longer have large gatherings. Will DJs once again have jobs or be able to be a full-time artist when this is all over? Will DJs have to get a 9-5? Oh the madness….

Look at the bright side 

The first thing you should learn about owning a business is that if the economy fails, you and your small business will get hit the hardest. It is always a smart move to have a plan B to get through a hard time. While this pandemic is shutting down everything, your DJ motto should stay the same. Our motto is “you can’t feel sad and dance at the same time.” We are preparing for the inevitable, DJs will be a much needed commodity once everything opens back up again. People are ready to party, and we are ready to help them do so.  

Music is the great unifier and can always set the tone for great times. For instance, the Great Depression in the 1930s was gifted a new genre named jazz. “You Like Jazz” – Bee Movie. With Jazz on the rise, it created new music opportunities for big bands and single artists. This helped society fill up their time and forget about everything that was going on back then.

Just remember that this isn’t going to last forever. Your DJ fun and events will bounce back soon. Just think of this as a vacation and quality time with your family! Once you have recharged your body and mindset, create a plan on how you’re going to overcome this and how you’re gonna make your brand stronger than ever. After this whole pandemic blows over people are gonna start booking you and in no time the dance floor will be packed once again.

How can us DJs use this downtime? Here are 4 steps to get us started…     

4 ways to thrive under lockdown

  1. Prepare – Use this free time to organize your DJ library/creates. What I mean to organize, is set up your cue points and find songs that mix well together. Find new ways for your business to offer deals for clients when gigs resurface once again.  If you’re selling your services for weddings, sweet 16th, corporate, rentals, etc. create a new Mobile DJ Blueprint.  
  2. Practice – Take advantage of this time to create a new technique/style of DJing. For instance, try a new genre you really don’t play or don’t know. If you’re an American DJ and only play English tracks, why not try Spanish tracks. It’s always good to have a large variety of different types of music. You may never know if one day at an event they might ask you “Oh can you play some Reggaetón music” It would look bad on your part as a company and a DJ to say no, which can lead to not getting booked again in the future. Always practice! 
  3. Create – Making Content for your brand is a great move today. You share more about yourself, which is great so your future clients know your type of vibe and understand your business aspect. Content that you can do is live streaming, promo video, social media interactions, podcasts, etc. The way DJs today get their name out there is by creating FIRE mixtapes. You can upload these Mixes on Soundcloud and Mix-cloud which are the most used streaming platforms by DJs today. With all of this content, it will help you in the future with bookings and more opportunities. 
  4. Immerse – Dig for music, find new tracks that you haven’t heard before or things your crowd would like. This is where you put your ears to work, what I mean is to listen to radio stations and hear the hits that they play. Check out Spotify and iTunes playlists, people are always creating lit playlists that you can look at to get an idea of what people are listening to. If you ever hear a song at a restaurant or public setting and don’t know the name of it, just use the app shazam to help you out. There is no shame in Shazam, we all do it, and anyone who says they don’t is a liar. Next, start downloading these tracks from your top Record pools. The go to record pools for DJs are BPM Supreme, DJ City, Mymp3Pool, etc. On your downtime go to YouTube and watch famous DJs perform and look at how they are mixing, song choice, beat matching, and scratching. These are 4 great tips that can help you during COVID-19 quarantine.  



Remember to never take things for granted, make the best of the time you are given. DJs wield music for people to escape their current situations, we are the path towards forgetting and having fun. Here is an unprecedented chance for you to channel that immense power in a time when people need it most. Humanity has always had difficult challenges and the world has always overcome. We are connected more than ever through this pandemic, it’s important that we as DJs do our part to help people forget and come together as one. We can overcome, we can be better.   





Ethan Mercado 

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