8 Tips For A Great Playlist

8 Tips For A Great Playlist


1. Take Environment Into Account

What type of atmosphere are you trying to create? This is important to know because the songs you play have an affect on the audience. For example, jazz or electronic music is great for a laidback event. However, if you are having a party and want high energy from the audience, you might want to play songs with high BPMs or the top charts. In order to provide the best experience, you have to know what the vibe is.

2. Good Variation

While choosing songs to depict the right mood are important, you also want to consider everyone’s taste. Make sure you playlist has decent range of genres. Your playlist doesn’t have to consist of all dance music if you want energy from your guests. Instead, play a selection of dance mixed with hip-hop. Just make sure you don’t forget about how you’re weaving the songs together—blend them smoothly.

3. Play A Couple Of Your Favorites But Not All

Chances are, your favorite songs are another person’s favorite songs too. Don’t be afraid to play what you like, but be cautious that you are keeping the audience entertained, not you. Keep the crowd interested by playing a mixture of songs. A good mixture is essential, but it’s also important to consider the spacing. You want to space genres out just right. Try not to play 10 country songs in a row followed by a hip-hop song.

4. Mix Popular And Not Popular Songs

We all love classic artists like Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Play what people love, but also play less popular songs that fit great in-between bigger well-known artists. Songs that have a similar sound to that of popular artists are great candidates to mix in. People already love Michael Jackson so they will also love music that resembles the king of pop.

5. Review Your Playlist And Make Any Necessary Changes

Ready to debut your playlist? Review and revise your playlist a few times. You may catch songs that sound awkward next to other songs. One factor to pay attention to is song length. You might want to stay away from a song that goes on for 10 minutes. If you really like that song, try to find a shorter version of it.

6. Always Have Hit Songs Ready In Case

This is good to do just in case the crowd isn’t reacting to your playlist as much as you thought they would be. You want your guests to be entertained for the majority of the night, so when in doubt, play crowd pleasers. Don’t overdo it though. If you only play hit songs, people might confuse you for the radio and you should want to take some pride in the playlist you’ve created. Make sure you switch it up every now and then.

7.  Stay Away From Shuffle

Shuffle can mess with the flow and change the atmosphere of the event. It’s better to stick with a prepared playlist you know is cohesive. If you have a song that you think fits well while you’re at the event, feel free to play it. Ultimately, you want to play music the audience will enjoy.

8. Make It Longer Than You Think You Need To

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Just in case the event goes on longer than expected, you want to have a playlist that will last.  For that reason, we recommend adding about 20 extra songs. This will guarantee that you’re covered for any unforeseen extra party time.


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