A Timeline of the Most Iconic DJs

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A Timeline of the Most Iconic DJs

Today, DJs are creating new beats and establishing new styles favorited by millions of fans around the world. While our generation of DJs are most definitely talented, have you ever thought about where it all started? Which DJs influenced and paved the way for DJs like the DJs we know today?  

Early Icons

In 1973, DJ Kool Herc started mixing identical records. He gained popularity in the Bronx where giant block parties were thrown. To this day, he is credited in the contribution of establishing hip-hop music. DJ Kool Herc is a prime example of the shift in DJ culture. Many of the DJs before him mostly played songs one after the other, similar to how you would play music off of your phone. DJ Kool Herc’s wild performances and new techniques quickly inspired other DJs to experiment with their sets. This experimentation allowed for the creation of turntablism. In just a couple of years, DJ Grand Wizard Theodore would uncover the scratching technique by accident.

Moving into the 1980’s, Jam Master Jay was widely praised by his work with the iconic rap group, Run-DMC. They were the first rap group to gain worldwide success within the mainstream media. Not only is Jam Master Jay credited with establishing the iconic style of sound of Run-DMC, but he also had an input in their style of clothing. He is reportedly responsible for the group’s look which consisted of a black hat, Adidas, and gold chained jewelry. This looks is still seen as the iconic and classic fashion of today’s DJs, along with many other artists.

Another legend of the 80’s was DJ Grandmaster Flash. He was the first to release a song with scratching on it. This iconic DJ was linked to the legendary record label, Sugar Hill. DJ Grandmaster Flash would later go on to release famous singles including “The Message” and “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel.”

While hip-hop was growing and evolving heavily in the 80’s, “house music” was beginning to form as well. The Warehouse, a Chicago based club, gave house music its name and secured its spot within music with the help of DJ Frankie Knuckles. At The Warehouse, DJ Frankie Knuckles introduced trans sounds, hooks, and electronic beats to the audience.

Our team at Famous DJ Agency sees that these DJs are not to be forgotten. Their work has shaped the music we hear today. These icons have put up exceptionally high standards, and have challenged future generations of DJs to create, innovate, and influence. As said in our mission statement, we promise to deliver to you an innovative team while providing a unique experience through our well trained and professional DJs.

Hayley Alvarez

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