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Customizing your party can be a lot of fun. A unique way to show your style is by creating a signature cocktail reflecting your party theme. Here are some great cocktail ideas along with a variety of party themes that will elevate your party to the next level.

  1. Old Fashioned

Want to have a Hollywood themed party? A classic Old Fashioned is the perfect drink! Expressing your theme through your cocktail can be a fun way to get guests excited. To make an Old Fashioned, simply set down the bourbon, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters in a mixing glass. Then, strain the drink over one large ice cube. Lastly, garnish your drink with an orange peel.

  1. Purple Rain

For Prince fans, the Purple Rain, is the perfect cocktail. If you’re hosting an 80’s themed party or  if you’re planning on having guests wear costumes, having a cocktail drink,  like Purple Rain is sure to get the crowd into the spirit of the party. Here’s how to create the Purple Rain:  On the rim of the glass, spread purple sugar and a lemon wedge. Afterwards,  in a separate glass, shake the drink before serving by mixing vodka, lemonade, blue curaço, and grenadine syrup.

  1. Watermelon Mojitos

Nothing says summer fun like a thirst quenching Watermelon Mojito. This is a great cocktail for your summer backyard barbeque. Preparation first includes making watermelon puree. After, pour through a mesh strainer and extract all the liquid. Then, mix the mint, sugar, and lime until the sugar is broken down. Lastly, add the watermelon juice with rum and lots of ice and mix.Yum.

  1. Man of Steel

Planning a Father’s Day party? Surprise your dad with a marvel inspired, Man of Steel themed cocktail! This will create a unique party experience that your dad, and guests will never forget. To make the superman inspired drink you will need to add simple syrup and sanding sugar set aside. Then fill a glass with some small blocks of ice, and combine vodka and grenadine and shake. Pour the mix in a glass add blue curaço and Sprite and shake again and enjoy!

Famous DJ agency would love to be a part of your unique party! Whether it’s one of these cocktail inspired parties you plan, or something just as unique,  Famous DJ Agency is ready to compliment and enhance your themed party experience with our excellent DJ services and amazing music. We want your party to be unique and unforgettable!



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