Coming up with a Stage Name – How some famous artists came up with theirs

Like many famous artists, DJs often have unique names that have nothing to do with their actual given name. Most often, these stage names don’t require any legal action, but are well-known to the public. Here’s a list of well known artists and their stage name stories.

1. Ryan Gary Raddon, better known as Kaskade, developed his stage persona while looking through a nature book and saw a picture of a waterfall. He, along with his coworker, thought “cascade” was the perfect name. Thus, a legend was born. The only hesitance came from Ryan’s wife, who thought people might mistake the name for the dishwashing soap.

2. Eric Aguirre, who famously goes by DJ Vice, opened a webster dictionary and saw the term “vice” which means, “bad habit.” He thought it was the perfect name from then on, and it sounded great with his partner he was working with whose name was Splice.

3. EDM music producer and dj Marshmello ,or Christopher Comstock, was inspired by deadmau5 who also prefers an alternate spelling in his stage name while wearing a mascot head piece.

4. Diplo, who was born Thomas Wesley, created his named based off of his interest in dinosaurs as a child. The name “Diplo” is a shortened version of the dinosaur Diplodocus who can be traced back to the Jurassic time near western North America.


5. Robbert van de Corput, more familiarly known as Hardwell, actually was gifted his name by his father. Robbert’s dad suggested Hardwell due to his surname Cor, which translates to “hart” in Latin and “put”, meaning “well” in Dutch.


Ultimately, as a DJ, whatever name you chose, it’s your talent and skill that will carry you to the top. However, like mentioned in a previous blog, having a strong, catchy name definitely won’t hurt you.

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Hayley Alvarez

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