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With every event, DJs are constantly having new experiences, meeting many different people, visiting new surroundings, and playing a wide range of music. As a result, DJs make for quite an entertaining occupation and the following movies are dedicated to focusing on their lives and the party scene that has long been related to DJ culture. So sit back, pop a bag of popcorn and enjoy some great music!


Beginning with the classics, movies like the documentary, Scratch, Maestro, It’s all Gone Pete Tong, and Party Monster, show a world many people don’t often see. That is, they show the life of DJ’s and the party culture that can often be seen around them. More recent films, dedicated to DJs include We Are Your Friends, and the Netflix production, XOXO.


Scratch, directed by Doug Pray, delivers a unique documentary on the hip-hop culture of DJing, emphasizing turntablism from the era of the 1970s in the South Bronx to San Francisco today. The film presents some of the best scratchers of all time, as well as talented producers, delivering awesome beats and doing battles.


A film, focusing more on dance music is Maestro which stars ,Larry Levan, David Mancuso, and Frankie Knuckles. The motion picture tells the tale of a group of people and how they sought a life separate from the mainstream. The film offers insight into an underground world of dance music featuring work from both DJs and producers known as the “Founding Fathers.”


More recently filmed, is the movie, We Are Your Friends directed by Max Joseph, starring Zac Efron, Wes Bentley and Emily Ratajkowski. The movie focuses on the role of Zac Eforn as Cole who plays a 23-year-old, aspiring fame as a young DJ. The film takes viewers through his journey and presents great electronic music and features Los Angeles night life.


Whether you are a fan of movies or music, you can find entertainment through these DJ movies, as they offer awesome music as well as entertaining plots. Just like these classic movies and films set the scene for lively atmospheres and awesome music, our DJs at Famous DJ Agency have amazing skill and talent that can provide quality music for your next event.

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