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Grammy nominated Khalid has been featured in a new song by DJ Martin Garrix. The collaborative song “Ocean” was released June 15th, and was also released with a music video. Garrix is set to play at the Belfast Vital music festival in August.


While the song was only released until recently, it had been spoken of on Twitter a while ago when a fan asked the two to collaborate and Garrix respond by quoting the fan. In response, Khalid said, “let’s do it.”


During an interview at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Garrix released the date and song title. Here is the official music video of “Ocean.”



Released on the same day, Norwegian DJ Kygo released his new song collaborating with pop rock band Imagine Dragons.


The song was teased prior to the release when Kygo posted the members of Imagine Dragons on social media. On the following day, the song titles and cover art were released.


These DJs are kicking off the summer with great songs which we love to hear at Famous DJ Agency. This is what we’ve been listening to; let us know your favorite songs by your favorite DJ in the comments or on Twitter (@famousdjagency)!

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