Before fully embracing this new year and decade, it’s important to stop and appreciate 2019. We lost many beautiful souls who touched our hearts with their words, actions, and music. From Toni Morrison to Juice WRLD, we will miss the artists we have said goodbye to in 2019, but always carry their memory and work with us as we bring in 2020. 

We also experienced many blessings in 2019 that warrant extra appreciation. As a company, we moved into our own office space! (Feel free to stop by the Famous office anytime!) We also increased our overall profits, bookings, and relationships. Thank you to everyone who has shared in our journey! 

This doesn’t mean that we’re happy with where we are at and are not looking to grow anymore. In fact, we’re expecting to grow substantially more! Our new year’s resolutions are to surpass 2019’s profits and bookings. We are also projecting to expand our team’s growth as well.

So far, 2020 is turning out to be a promising year for Famous (and war memes, but we’ll save that for when the draft comes). Regardless of our impending doom, we think it’s important to make sure we keep focused and set realistic resolutions for this year.

Have you thought of any resolutions? If you have, we hope that you keep them and continue to accomplish more goals. If you’re still on the fence about creating a set list of goals, why not just give it a chance? You’re probably going to accomplish things anyway, but keeping a list of goals in mind may help you achieve them faster. Here are a few tips to keep you from expecting too much from yourself.

Get Rid of the Go Big or Go Home Mentality

Sometimes it’s better to start small so you don’t overwhelm yourself. If you find yourself reaching all of the smaller goals easily, then challenge yourself by making them more difficult. You can’t run the marathon without smaller practice runs. 

It can also be difficult to accomplish too many things at once. If your attention is divided, you won’t be giving each goal its deserved effort. Take it easy on yourself. Being the best version of yourself takes time and shouldn’t be rushed.

Be Proud of What You’re Doing

If you’ve come up with a few things you really want to work on for 2020, share them! Post them on social media or in a group chat with your friends/family. The more you share, the more you will feel the need to stay motivated. Your friends/family members/followers can also help keep you on track to crushing your resolutions!

You might even find that someone else shares a resolution with you! This could be a perfect opportunity for you to keep each other in the game, similar to a gym buddy! I don’t know about you, but I’m 100x more willing to work towards something when I know I’m not the only one.

Be Honest 

Make sure that your goals are achievable. A big part of this is knowing yourself and your limits. If you don’t know your limits, take some time to really meditate/reflect on your actions and capabilities. 

Not everyone can do all the things. And that’s absolutely okay. No one can do what you can do as good as you can. Focus on you and don’t let anyone swerve into your lane to tell you otherwise (unless they’re positively motivating you).  

Whatever you choose to do to help you conquer 2020, we’re rooting for you! The Famous Fam will always be right here to support you in all of your endeavors and accomplishments. From workout mixes to DJing at your event, we want to be there for you. If we can help in any way, reach out via Instagram or Twitter (you can find us by searching @famousdjagency for both platforms). You can even send us a message on Facebook!

From all of us here at Famous, we hope you have a very happy new year. Let’s make it the best year yet!


Amber Cavazos

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