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So you want to be a producer, but don’t exactly know how to get started? Well, I might not be able to help out with how to actually produce new music, but I can help you create a space for you to learn all about that.

Location, Location, Location

First things first. You’re going to need a room. Try to stay away from smaller spaces (like closets or that little roomish thing underneath the stairs). Generally, the bigger the room, the better. That way you can have more people in the studio when your working on things. Some ideal features of a home studio are hardwood or concrete floor (rooms downstairs are best too), high ceilings, and asymmetrical walls. The chances of you having (or even finding) this kind of room are slim to nil, so just use the best fit for you.

Seal it off

Once you have picked your ideal space for a studio, you might want to sound proof it. There’s nothing more annoying than your neighbor’s yelling when you are trying to create a masterpiece. Similarly, your music probably isn’t ready to leak through the walls when you’re still in the process of creating it.

Keep in mind that, once everything is set up, your microphone will amplify every little noise by a bajillion. Okay, maybe not that much, but you’ll definitely hear all of the “minor” noises turn into digital airplanes on your recordings. Try to find ways to keep all the noisy sounds out and your beautiful, booty bumping tracks in.

Time for an Ikea run

Once your room is soundproof, you get to decorate it. This part doesn’t have to be super expensive. Start with the basics. Think about all the extras afterward. You can always buy a rug or pictures for the wall later.

Things that should definitely be on your list: a desk or some tables to put your equipment on; a chair or two; cabinets, or a place for you to store things; and lighting.

Show me the money

This is the part where your wallet might cry a little bit. You have to invest in equipment.

Some important pieces of equipment that you will definitely need are: a computer, a DAW (digital audio workstation), microphones, headphones, studio monitors (basically fancy speakers), filters for the microphones, cables to connect all your equipment, and an audio mixer. You might also want to buy power protectors in case anything needs to be plugged into a power source.

If you prefer a cleaner set up, you might also want to invest in some zip ties or cable concealers. This will help keep your cables out of the way, together, and hidden from view.

If you found other things that are useful in creating your own studio, please share them in the comments below!

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