Is this a real job?

DJing definitely has its dark times. The countless hours slaving away behind computers and various equipment are spent in solitude for a reason.

Despite its not so glamorous moments, DJing definitely has its perks. One big plus is that DJs often get to travel to places they otherwise wouldn’t have gone to. The price tag of traveling can also be picked up by a client, which is a huge bonus. As a DJ, there’s more to just traveling to a location to play a gig.

There’s a certain luxury in traveling as a DJ that many other professions don’t have. For starters, you get to go to all sorts of beautiful and exotic locations and actually enjoy them.

As a DJ, you don’t have to be stuck in meetings all day. Yes, you still have to prepare your set and practice and all that when you’re abroad, but you you can also set time aside to be a tourist too.

Well known and established DJs also have the added benefit of being able to hire seasoned guides to help them find their way in new areas.

Not only do you get to explore new places, you get to be part of the nightlife too.

You can be a tourist during the day  and be the talk of the town come nightfall. This sensation is unique to DJs. Where else can you arrive at a new city and have everyone know your name by the morning?

Although we haven’t had the privilege of performing at any foreign countries yet, we have been able to DJ at some of the most beautiful locations California and the US has to offer. Recently, we had the opportunity to take a mini road trip and perform at a beautiful wedding in central California. While performing, we were able to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and greenery. There are not many jobs that have this cool of an office or workspace.

A DJ’s travel experience is also a lot nicer than other jobs as we are able to fully enjoy the drive to our not so near events. Unless there is a big emergency or we are running super late, we are able to fully take in the scenery

Even though traveling to exotic places may not have happened as much as we’d like just yet, we are well on our way. Our goal is to perform all around the world. Make sure you stay up to date with us on our social media to see where we’re heading next! Some of our DJs might just be headlining a festival or two in the future. 

Amber Cavazos

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