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When you walk into a car dealership, do you expect to see old, beat up looking vehicles in the lot? You probably expect to see nice, shiny beauties in all sorts of colors.

For DJs, we have similar expectations. You don’t have to buy the newest piece of DJ equipment, but if your turntables look like they have seen better days, it’s time to upgrade.

Your equipment should look good, but, more importantly, should also enhance your performance and set experience.

The first thing you should definitely invest in is a sequencing software. Sequencers allow you to put different sounds together to make a sequence. While there may be many good ones, Ableton 9 seems to be the best. It comes with the sequencing software, 23 sound libraries, and 50 GB of exclusive sounds.

To go with the software, you’re going to need a flashy controller.
The Akai Pro APC40 MKII is the flashiest of them all (literally). It comes with tons of assignable controls and flashing buttons. It also works seamlessly with Ableton. 

Since most DJs perform outside the studio, you’re going to need a good mixer. Turntables are great, but the magic really happens on the mixer.

Mixers basically run the sound from your laptop to the speakers. If you’re plugging your Mac to the speakers, you’re definitely doing it wrong and should start saving up for a decent mixer.

If you’re looking for a good one, Pioneer DJ’s DJM 900NXS2 is a solid option. While there’s many great mixers out there, this one features an onboard 64-bit engine.

It’s the first of its kind as is guaranteed to fill the venue with your otherworldly sounds. However, this is only possible if it’s plugged in to quality a speaker system.

If your set is being blasted through old, scratchy speakers, then you’re not a real DJ. DJs have a reputation to uphold and anything that’s not crisp and clean has to go.

There are thousands of speakers to choose from, so picking the perfect one can be a little tricky.

Start with narrowing down your budget and what you need.

Sure, the most expensive speakers might look super nice, but they might be better suited for larger events. If you’re doing more small weddings, then maybe think about keeping the festival style speakers on the back burner for now.

Some speakers to consider are Electro-Voice ZLX-12P, Mackie Thump12, and Behringer EUROLIVE B210D.

Even though your gear should be up to date, never let not being able to afford the top of the line items get in the way. Remember that nothing can beat talent.

Your equipment should enhance your talent, not make it.

Amber  Cavazos

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