Love In The Club?

It’s kind of a romantic idea to date a DJ, isn’t it? It sounds like more fun than anything else. I mean, you probably get to go to all of the exclusive clubs and events because you’re dating the main event. What does this actually look like though? For this week’s blog, I interviewed DJ Pakman’s soul mate Erica Sandoval.

First things first, what’s it like being married to a DJ?

Erica: It’s really interesting. I get to attend all kinds of cool events. It’s a unique experience being able to bypass really long lines at a bar or club because I’m married to the DJ. There’s also the flip side to that though. There’s nights where he comes home really late. If someone doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into, that can definitely be a deal breaker, but I knew what I was signing myself up for.

Before marrying a DJ, did you have any previous experience within the music industry?

Erica: I do not, but I have always been a huge music lover. I have also been going to Coachella the last five years in a row. Francisco (aka DJ Pakman) makes fun of me all the time because I know every word of every song that plays on the radio, even if the song was released two days ago. So, even though I don’t have much of a background in the music industry, I have a huge love for music itself. Now that I’m married to a DJ, I have an even bigger love for the artistry behind the music.

Marrying a DJ is a whole new chapter in my life. Before dating a DJ, I would go out here and there, but going out is a completely different experience now. By being with the DJ, you get to see the nightlife from a whole other perspective. It’s completely different experience now because I can actually see how much work DJs put in. It’s not just about dancing on the floor and having a great time anymore. At home, I see how much work Francisco puts in. He spends hours putting his set together. It’s such a wonderful experience to be able to see it all come together when the event finally takes place. As I watch him DJ, I’m like wow that’s my husband right there and he’s amazing! I couldn’t be any prouder of him.

What are some of the pros and cons of being with a DJ?

Erica: Honestly, there’s mostly pros for me. I mean, I have been able to attend a bunch of events that I otherwise probably would not have gotten the opportunity to go to. A huge pro is that I’m able to skip all the insanely long lines to get into a venue and say “oh, my husband is the DJ.” One con is that there are some nights that I stay home by myself, but that’s a given. I mean, that comes with having a hard-working man as a husband though. It’s not like I didn’t know what I was getting into either. I knew exactly what I was signing up for when I said, “I do.” When we first started dating, I was a night shift nurse, so, for us, the schedule thing kind of worked itself out. Honestly, it’s been a blessing. I don’t really see any real cons to what he does. I think it’s fantastic and I’m all for him building his business and I support him 100%.

How has being with a DJ changed your view of the music industry/DJs?

It really has changed how I see the music industry. It’s funny to admit this but, when we first started dating and before I really started going to have a lot of his events, we were out in San Diego and went to this place and he asked me, “do you like the DJ?” I told him I did. He then pointed out all the little things, like the transitions, that were awful. I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed whether or not a song flowed really well into the next one. Now, when I’m out, I pay attention to transitions and to the vibe of the crowd. I also focus in on the little key details that separate “DJs” from a legit artist. Francisco and his fantastic team really focus on their artistry with clean transitions and a fantastic set up. I could not be prouder of him and his team and their accomplishments. It’s truly a beautiful thing watching him grow and being able to see others appreciate it as well.

Amber Cavazos

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