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Music & Film

The Best Soundtracks New & Old

Can you imagine your favorite movie without music? Movies just wouldn’t have the same impact on us if it weren’t for the music featured. Take the classic movie Jaws for example. Can you picture Jaws without the iconic theme song of the shark? The music in Jaws adds so much emotion that it’s hard to imagine the movie without music.


Other films like Dazed And Confused and Saturday Night Fever give us a 70’s music throwback; they also draw us into the thematic elements of the film. These are classic songs brought to life through film.


Ultimately, these classic movies feature great songs that not only sound great on the big screen, but can be enjoyed by simply listening to the soundtrack. Below are a few great movies with amazing soundtracks to listen to.

1.A Star Is Born

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy

4. Saturday Night Fever

5. La La Land

6. The Great Gatsby

7.Dazed & Confused

8. Purple Rain

9. Clueless

10. Baby Driver

12. Black Panther

13. Blues Brothers

If you’ve seen any of these films, then you understand just how much life music brings to film. Like films, music has a way of adding life and emotion to parties! A party without music is like a movie without a soundtrack—it just isn’t right. Make your party unforgettable and book your event with Famous DJ Agency for the ultimate party experience. Our Famous DJs will make sure your event is a box office hit!

Hayley Alvarez

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