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Music is something we love to hear. It brings us together, and gets us in a good mood. It even leads us to dance and sing. But have you ever wondered how it affects your brain? Music boosts brain chemicals. It taps into the neurotransmitter, dopamine, increasing the dopamine levels in your system; Ultimately, leading you to feel in a better mood.


As music goes into your ears, it enters into many different places within the brain which provide important cognitive functions. Research has gone on to suggest that listening to music can increase your creativity, productivity, and attitude.


Current research has taken this idea a step further by conducting experiments challenging the effects of music in the workplace. The result of these experiments show music to help with productivity and efficiency in the workplace.


We have created a playlist consisting of a mixture of genres and artists perfect for listening to while at work!


  1. Dua Lipa

  1. Kučka

  1. Flume

  1. Jamie xx

  1. Disclosure

  1. Kungs & Cookin’ On 3 Burners

  1. Tame Impala

  1. Tyler, The Creator

  1. Khalid

  1. Zedd



Hayley Alvarez

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