Music Related Activities to Try

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If you love music as much as we do, you’ll love these music related activities! Music can be a great addition to any party, and these activities can make for an awesome summer party. Getting your friends or family to sing and dance will ensure you’ll make unforgettable memories.

  1. Karaoke

Karaoke can elevate your party to a whole new level! Listening to your favorite songs with friends and family is a great way to get everyone engaged and having a good time.



  1. Concert

During the summer time, concerts are everywhere and they are the best way to enjoy live music. Going to see your favorite band or artist is an unforgettable experience, and can be a great way to finish off the summer.

  1. Record Shopping

One of the most interesting things to shop for are records. They are less common now, but are a fun way to listen to music and be taken back in time. Building a record collection is always fun to work on.

  1. Music Festival

Music Festivals are most common in the summer time and make for amazing experiences. Listening to live music from multiple artists is a great way to spend your summer day. Going to a festival with friends can make for an incredible experience.

  1. Club

Dancing, singing, and drinking can all be done at the club. It’s a place where everyone can enjoy music and let go for a couple hours! It’s a great way to pass your time on a Saturday night. Whether you plan to go in the summer or fall it’s always a great time.

We hope you’re having a sweet summer filled with great music! At Famous DJ Agency we strive to entertain you with the ultimate music experience! Our DJ’s love to get the crowd going, and having a great time. If interested, contact us on our Facebook, Instagram, or website!

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