My Experience at the 2018 Los Angeles Wedding Expo

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My Experience at the 2018 Los Angeles Wedding Expo

Before I became part of the Famous DJ Agency team, I had neither been to an Expo nor even heard of an Expo. And once I arrived at this years Wedding Expo in Los Angeles, I was shocked by the amount of people that attended. Aside from the many attendees, the variety of vendors was huge. There were an array of vendors specializing in so many different areas from stick on nails to videography to cosmetic surgery. I think the wide selection of vendors is what truly made this expo unique.


Now that I have been to a wedding expo, I can see why they are so sought after. For one, there are so many discounts available! Many vendors give away discounts in order to set themselves apart from other vendors and to increase their clientele. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of if you are looking for quality vendors at a discounted price. In addition, vendors will often have giveaways and contests to win just for stopping by their booth!


While at the Expo, I met many brides and grooms who had wedding dates as far as 2 years away! It’s never too early to plan! Getting a head start allows you to meet many vendors and decide which one you like the most. It’s also a great way to see what different vendors have to offer. Here at Famous DJ Agency, we offer many services such as different styled lighting, slideshows, and we also have preferred vendors that we work closely with like photographers and event rentals.


Lastly, reflecting on the Expo afterwards, I realized how much information is available in comparison to researching vendors over the internet. Not only do you get to ask unlimited questions, but actually meeting the vendor is a huge plus. Discussing the event face to face with vendors will allow you to see their personality and confidence they can deliver what you are looking for.


Ultimately, a Wedding Expo is a great way to find out more information about what different vendors have to offer. The variety within a Wedding Expo is a unique experience that brides and grooms should definitely check out; however, if you missed us at the Expo, give us a call or contact us on our website, Facebook, or Instagram! We’d love to answer any question you have!

Hayley Alvarez

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