New Year, New Me… Seriously!

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Happy new year!! I hope that you have the best year ever and that this is the year that you keep all of your resolutions.

Having some trouble keeping your resolutions? I have no room to judge as I already started off on the wrong foot with some of them. So, be honest and let’s get back on track together.

How many resolutions did you come up with? If you have more than about five, you might have too many. Take things slow and focus on one goal at a time. It’d be great if we could work on everything at once, but then you won’t be doing any one of your goals wholeheartedly.

What’s the point of doing something if you aren’t going to give it your all? Try prioritizing your goals and work on the one that’s the most important to you.

While you’re figuring out which should take the #1 spot, try to make your goals long-term. Life isn’t a quick sprint race, so go for the long haul.

If it seems like it’s going to be too long of a stretch, find a way to continuously motivate yourself. If your goal was to lose weight, maybe buy yourself an outfit in the size you are aiming for and keep it out. That way it will stay in your mind and hopefully deter you from mindless snacking throughout the day.

You could also change your phone’s lock screen to some motivational quote or, better yet, that outfit you bought (whatever works for you, right?).

Your phone could also be a powerful tool to help you keep you on the road to success. There’s tons of apps that can do most of the record keeping for you.

Trying to lose weight? Download workout apps that give you tips and workout guides. Want to eat healthier? Download a food tracker so that you’re more conscious of what you’re eating. It’s really weird, but guilt will overshadow you as you input all the unhealthy things that you ate.

You can also use your phone to set reminders and alarms for yourself. The clock app on iPhones has some great features. It can even track your sleep! Android users, I’m sure there’s something similar for you.

If personal reminders aren’t going to work out for you, get your friends to join in! Friends that work on resolutions together stay together.

If you’re trying to put in more time at the gym, get a friend to join you. You could also step it up a notch and go on a morning hike or run. Not only will you be on track to reach your goal, you’ll be spending some quality time with loved ones.

If you mess up again, that’s okay. Stay positive and try it again!

Amber Cavazos

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