Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Famous DJ Agency - Journey

Famous DJ Agency has been through a lot of changes since its creation. As ESC Events, we did all the things. We focused on your events as a whole and not just the music and energy that your event needed.

Now, we’re exclusively all about the music. We’ve put together an amazing team of DJs. Not only will we DJ your events, we will shut the club down and headline festivals. It seems like we’re doing it all already, so where are we expecting to go from here?

Well, all of these things were accomplished in just ten short years and our motto is to never settle. So, we want to amplify what we’ve done already.

We’re over the moon with what we’ve done, but we want to branch out even more. We’ve started this goal by extending our Famous family and performing at more festival type events. We are the frequent DJ star at numerous venues, such as the Gardens Bar and Grill in Pico Rivera and Mi Cielo Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge in Downey. DJ 4KO, aka Don Dirty, also performs at multiple local festivals and events, such as U4IA Fest and Nova Fest. We would like to see these events multiply by ten…and then by ten again. 

Ambitious? Very, but we know we have the team to do it. Our Famous team will also grow as we do, as it already has started to.

Our goal isn’t just to perform at all the events. We also cherish this spirit of helping others and charity. As we grow, we want the number of people we help to grow as well. We are firm believers in the statement: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

We never want to be one of those companies that treat clients, and people in general, coldly and without care. Our “never settle” motto doesn’t disappear when we’re helping others. We go the distance. Always.

While we might not have always stepped outside of the musical sphere to help others, we would like to start. As a team, we are even looking into running the Los Angeles marathon for a charity. DJ 4KO has also been very public about his personal goal to give back to others this year.

All in all, 2018 is going to be a great year for Famous DJ Agency. We hope that you are able to join us on our journey!

If you aren’t quite sold on our ability to accomplish our goal, come check us out for yourself. You can follow us on Instagram (@famousdjagency) for all the latest updates. You can also have a listen to the mix below. Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

Amber Cavazos


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