Spotlight: Just Bragg Designs

Every so often, we take great pride in being able to highlight some of the event industry’s best service companies. Our hope is that these spotlight features equip you to throw the best event ever. We know how difficult hosting an event can be. You might have a general list of which services you’ll need, but no clue on who to hire. There’s so many options out there; it’s easy to get lost and settle for just any DJ or event planner, but we don’t want for you or your event to be anything but the best.

So, we’re doing all the hard work for you. We’re talking to vendors and learning about them so that you can also get a taste of what these vendors are like before booking. At Famous DJ Agency, we’re all about relationships; when you book with us, you become part of our Famous Family; and family never lets you down or go through things solo.

Without more rambling, we’re ecstatic to feature Just Bragg Designs. This phenomenal event planning company also specializes in candy tables. They are based out of Los Angeles, and service most areas within Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

The boss ladies Porchae and Chanise are cousins that grew up together. Growing up, they lived just mere minutes away from each other; they even went to the same middle and high school. While they are cousins, they feel as they are more like sisters.

Their journey in the event planning industry began before they could even fathom being an event planner. Porchae and Chanise, individually and communally, joined many clubs and activities that cultivated the skills they have today.

They were members of ASB, the yearbook club, and class cabinet, just to name a few. These clubs and activities are thought to be where they first grasped the concept of helping people create unique experiences and ever-lasting memories.

As the two grew into adulthood, their passion to help others led them to careers in healthcare. Chanise found a calling in dental hygiene and Porchae in physical therapy. While they found these careers fulfilling in their desire to help others, their creative side beckoned for something more.

Although their career pathways lead them to the more practical side, they still found themselves wanting to create memorable moments for others, even if was just planning a child’s birthday party or a gathering for friends.

Then one day a light bulb went off; they both realized that their love for planning and creating memories was something they still had in common. From there, Just Bragg Designs was born! 

On August 12, 2018, Porchae and Chanise had their first official meeting to jump start their business. It was also on this day that Just Bragg Designs became their formal name.

While event planning can be an incredibly difficult field, Porchae and Chanise believe that one of the best things about the industry is that it defies limits and encourages people to use their creativity, passion, and drive. 

They also love seeing clients and their guests experience pure happiness; this coupled with being the reason why people are over the moon makes all of the stress more than worth it for Just Bragg Designs.

If you would like to see what Just Bragg Designs is all about, you can send them an email at, send them a message on Instagram @Justbraggdesigns, or reach out via Facebook!

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If you know of a phenomenal small business that should be featured next, send us a message and nominate that vendor! If you own or are part of a small business that offers exceptional service to the event industry and want the world to know about you, reach out to us! We’d love to share your story.

Amber Cavazos

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