Stress-Free Events

There’s so many things that go into planning an event. We know how stressful even the smallest events can be when you’re trying to make your ideas into reality. No amount of books or how-to’s can ever fully eliminate the frustration of making sure everything matches your color scheme or the irritation when the invitations don’t look exactly right. The Famous team gets it 100%, and we want to help. Hopefully this week’s blog will help alleviate any planning anxiety and stress so you can focus more on the good vibes at your event.

  1. Get Ideas

When you have a picture (full or incomplete) of what you want, it will be much easier to get the ball rolling. Starting with a general theme or color scheme can narrow your search when it comes to decorations, outfits, and small details. Don’t believe me? Do a couple of general Google searches and see how helpful that is. If you know you want a certain theme, it’ll be easier to mix and match things you find online. Creating a scrapbook or collage of all your finds can help paint a more realistic picture too. Making a board on Pinterest is also a really great and easy option.

  1. Seek Help

I know it’s hard to ask for help sometimes, but there are people whose sole jobs are to plan, organize, and put on events. If your budget allows, definitely hire an event planner. Share your inspiration collage/scrapbook with them so that they know what you’re expecting. Event planners will help you create your event and will handle all (or most) of the stressful parts so you don’t have to. They might also hook you up with some super cool connections so you won’t have to drive all around LA to find the perfect florist. 

  1. Communicate

We can’t stress this tip enough. Communication is always key. Make sure you talk to the people/companies you are hiring for your event. If you are hiring a catering company, be direct and clear with what you want. At Famous DJ Agency, we strive to make sure everything is super clear for our clients. We go over everything if we can–what type of music we should play, what we should wear, etc. When in doubt about disclosing something, disclose it! It’s better to just get it out there than to wish you had said it later. Communicating will also help avoid event disasters.

  1. Keep a Short List

….of vendors, that is! Event planning is already difficult. Try not to overwhelm yourself by hiring 20 different vendors for everything you need. It’s easier to work (and communicate) with a smaller number of people. If your DJ can provide lights, sound, and other services you’re interested in, you should go with them instead of hiring multiple people. (Pro tip: hire a Famous DJ. We provide multiple services and offer amazing packages!)

  1. Stay Organized

From guest lists to materials for your event, it’s super important that you make sure to be on top of everything, especially if you aren’t hiring an event planner. Keeping tabs on everything that needs to be done, found, or even scheduled will prevent you from pulling your hair out when you’re trying to meet deadlines. It’ll also help keep you on track so that everything gets done and you aren’t scrambling to fix anything at the last minute.

There’s nothing more important than you enjoying your event. At Famous DJ Agency, we work extra hard to make sure that we can help eliminate excess weight from your shoulders so that you can fully bask in the glory of the event you created. When you hire us, you’re more than a client; you’re part of the Famous family. So let us know how we can help!

To find out more about how you can have a stress-free event, DM us on Instagram or tweet us at @famousdjagency!

Amber Cavazos

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