The Famous Mission

I know we have danced around this before, but it’s time to set it in stone. What exactly is Famous DJ Agency’s mission statement? If you don’t know, here it is:

Our mission is to help professional individuals who are putting together events not hire DJs who lack professionalism. We live in a flooded society and our job is to filter the greatest individuals with quality talent. At Famous DJ Agency, we only hire DJs who have been in the industry long enough to know the difference.

Okay, cool, but what does that even mean? Well, the first part of our mission is to help people who are trying to put events together.

The reason why we do not specify who the “individual” is is because we try to help anyone. From a starting DJ to the experienced event planner, our doors are always wide open.

Beginning DJs might be looking for tips on how to better themselves or how to promote themselves. We’re always happy to help fellow artists and give them advice. We’ve even dedicated a few blogs to help them out.

You might have noticed that there’s already this emphasis on “help” in our mission statement. If you’ve read some of our earlier blogs (or even just interacted with us), you’d know that we take helping seriously.

If we can take an event to the next level by doing a little bit more, you better believe we will.

While we love helping people have the best event they could have ever imagined, we also focus on finding the right DJs to make these dreams come true.

We love working with growing artists and DJs, but we tend to be cautious about who we bring on our team. You can say we are a bit exclusive in that sense.

We definitely are not stuck up though. We just want to make sure that all of the DJs on our team are ready to go for whatever event that is thrown their way. A beginning DJ may not have all the skills needed to absolutely blow the party out of the water just yet.

The last part of our mission statement might need some smoothening out. The “difference” we are referencing is between a wannabe DJ (no talent) and an actual DJ (talent).

Wannabe DJs tend to just play music from their laptops. They might have a few turntables and one of those sound boards with cool, flashy buttons but they probably don’t know how to use any of the equipment.

Real DJs are artists. They dedicate hours and hours into perfecting mixes and their craft. Much like musicians, DJs play around with different sounds in order to put together something people will go crazy for.

DJs also don’t rely on softwares that automatically match and play songs for you. DJs spend hours listening to all kinds of music in order to put together the ultimate mix.

Our DJs have all spent years learning what it takes to be a great DJ. None of them joined the Famous team by doing the minimum. They have fully given themselves to DJing (and to your event). Come to any of our events and see for yourself.

Amber Cavazos

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