The Famous Story

Little did young Francisco Sandoval know that he would be trading in his soccer cleats for turntables and a microphone. When it was time to hang up his jersey, Francisco found a new passion: creating an unforgettable experience for others through DJing.

No automatic alt text available.Sandoval traveled from event to event bringing addictive energy, magnetic positivity, and (of course) the sickest beat. Life as an independent DJ was not always easy. Sandoval balanced other day jobs. Music is a passion, but passion does not pay the bills. At least, not yet.

After a time, however, Sandoval began to gain more publicity for his one-of-a-kind experience and was beginning to book more and more events. His growing event list demanded more DJs of like sound and charisma.

Thus, in 2007, Famous DJ Agency was created.

The name came from the aspiration that every DJ has: to become famous. The agency is a sure way for any DJ to put their name on the map in such a fast paced industry.

Famous DJ Agency has expanded exponentially and is able to assist clients with all of their event needs.

From decorations to lights and sound, Famous DJ Agency and its many partners will more than take care of it. The agency has provided many festivals and city events with sound and lighting, such as Downey’s Ride and Stride and Earth Day events. The agency has also provided an upbeat and memorable experience to other public occasions, such as the recent Taste of Brea.

Famous DJ Agency is proud to list numerous events hosted in countless cities. From exclusive and obscure affairs to being the must-see group in Los Angeles’ sophisticated nightlife, the agency has brought its timeless mark to each event.

The agency has branched out to many of Los Angeles’ favored hangouts, but pride has never been an issue.Image may contain: indoor

Famous DJ Agency continues to wholeheartedly support local organizations and non-profit groups. A big part of success is about giving back to the community. Rooted in strong values, Sandoval made sure that his company would not turn a blind eye to organizations that were attempting to raise money for their cause. “If you are given much, then you should give much back to those who need it.” If there is something Sandoval and his agency are able to do to help make an event better, it will happen. No amount of notorious events or contacts will change the firm belief of supporting others.

As business grows, Famous DJ Agency will continue to deliver its signature style, class, and contagious energy to every event.

Not only does Famous DJ Agency perform at contracted celebrations, but the agency also has a tour. The first dates boasted the popular Panama Joes in Long Beach and the upscale 7 Bar Lounge in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Be sure to keep up with us on social media so that you too may get a taste of what it’s like to live famous.

Amber Cavazos

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