They’re Back & We Can’t Get Enough

DJing has been on the rise within the last several years. Some argue that DJs are overly glorified for just pushing random buttons on a board and others believe that this is a new golden age for EDM.

Let’s put this to a test. Can you name a famous DJ from the gnarly 80’s? I didn’t think so.

I bet you can however name multiple DJs from the 2000’s though. From David Guetta to Deadmou5 to edgy Skrillex, electric dance music has been making a more prominent appearance in our lives recently. DJing has made a huge comeback and is no longer a side hobby.

Nearly everything on the radio now has been produced by a well-known DJ. DJ Khaled, The Chainsmokers, and Zedd all achieved landing within the top ten on Billboard’s “Songs of the Summer” list.

Many music critics attribute the beginning of the golden era to Daft Punk’s set at Coachella in 2006. The electric pyramid went down in musical history as legendary. If you look back at the recordings of their set, you wouldn’t be able to describe it any other way.

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Live concerts have a new set of standards after Daft Punk’s out of this world appearance. There is a greater emphasis on the stage appearance now too.

The Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas also has been selling out both of their weekends these past couple of years. If you asked most people about ten years ago, EDC was a taboo thing where people would do drugs and rave. Granted, there still are people that are RUI (raving under the influence), but a lot of others are also now in attendance under the self-claimed electric sky.

Pakman, DJ 4KO, DJ Jesse G, DJ Navics, and DJ Shaggy all create their own mixes and sets that will leave you begging for more when the night ends.

Some of the Famous DJs also dabbled in producing their own music within the EDM community. DJ 4KO has released songs on Soundcloud. He also showcases his work under the alias of Don Dirty. You can listen to some of his spirited work here.

For more music from our other DJs, the Famous DJ Agency Soundcloud features all of our DJs energetic mixes and released music.

You can also catch us in action tonight at Joseph’s Bar & Grill in Downey. DJ Pakman will be in the mix with the hottest set. Make sure you keep an eye on our events page, so you don’t miss out on all of the fun!

Amber Cavazos

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