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Professional Wedding Uplighting 

Featuring lighting at your event in creative ways can drastically elevate your special event. Lighting is a beautiful element, and can make a room look spectacular. Lighting options vary from colors, shades, hues, and styles. One of the most common forms of event lighting is uplighting, but there are other forms that can bring charm and elegance to your event as well. Here are a few of the many lighting techniques to bring your event to the next level!

  1. Uplighting


Uplighting is a classic form of event lighting that can come in various colors. It’s commonly used for weddings, but many other types of parties can make uplighting look great. So how do you know if your party should use uplighting? If you’re planning a special event at a venue and are expecting people to dance, you are more than likely a perfect candidate for uplighting! Lighting up the room through uplighting can add elegance to a formal event, in addition to adding the right atmosphere when it comes time for guests to dance.


  1. Illuminated Bar

While not exactly a common feature, an illuminated bar could be a beautiful attraction to your event. Depending on the style of event you are going for, this lighting element m

ay also add sophistication. One thing is certain though: a lighted bar is sure to lead your guests to drink (in a good way)!

  1. Gobo Lighting


While you may have seen this form of lighting before, you may have never known what it’s called. This type of lighting features shapes cut from metal to project a unique design on a wall or surface. Gobo lighting is a beautiful addition for events where there is a lack of visuals. You can move gobo lighting around and make the room feel alive and interactive. If you’re throwing a space themed party, this type of lighting could definitely transport your guests to space.

  1. Logo lighting


Despite being most commonly used for corporate purposes, logo lighting can also be used for showcasing a specific text and design against a wall. For example, maybe you are planning a surprise birthday party and want the wall to say “Surprise!” in illuminated text. In this case, lighting can be used to project that text against the wall. This lighting is also becoming increasingly popular for the dance floor. When no one is dancing (perhaps during dinner time), some couples opt to have their names displayed on the dance floor along with some design.

  1.  Spotlighting


Spotlighting can add a sense of glamour to your event. It can be particularly beautiful if you are looking to showcase a certain element and wanting to add a wow factor. It’s often seen in concerts or shows on stage, but it can also be used for many different types of events. If you are hosting a fashion show, spotlighting could be a great way to showcase the models!


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Hayley Alvarez

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