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Famous DJ Agency - Journey

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that we really pride ourselves on having an amazing team. We even consider our team to be a family. I haven’t really introduced the entire team though.

We have some of the best DJs out there (yes, that’s true. No, I’m not biased). Now that we also just stretched our family to include a new DJ, we might just have all the best DJs (okay, that part’s biased).

DJ Pakman created Famous DJ Agency and has grown it by empowering DJs, helping others with their events, and taking events to a new level. Pakman dedicates himself to each event that he performs at with unmatched energy.

DJ 4KO, who also performs and produces under the alias Don Dirty, is a true artist and is able to transform that “oldie” into the song you’ll keep on repeat. His philosophy of “there is no such thing as old music or new music, only good music” truly fuels his sets as he takes you to the past and back to the present.

DJ Shaggy has a remarkable skill of doing it all. Since he has a vast music knowledge, he knows how to get the party going no matter what.  

DJ Navics has been electrifying the nightlife for over 15 years now. His skills have not just been admired in the Los Angeles area, but in Las Vegas as well.

DJ Dabo is the newest addition to the Famous family. He has been DJing throughout LA’s night scene for close to a decade now.

While we are a DJ company, we do have a few team members that are not as musically focused as our DJs. Our promotions team does an amazing job promoting the Famous team by really embodying what it means to live the “Famous life.”

Matt is an undergraduate at Cal State Fullerton, but also takes on the task of building relationships with clients and makes sure that all events go smoothly.

Jenny uses her marketing talent to create all of the Famous promotional flyers on our Instagram page. She is also currently cultivating her skills within the Marketing program at Cal State Fullerton.

I, Amber, am the writer of our weekly blog. When I’m not drowning in assignments for my graduate program, I’m interacting with our followers on Instagram.

With such a talented team, we are able to accomplish many of our goals. We are collectively working towards many exciting projects coming up. I can’t spoil anything yet, but keep your eye out on our IG. Maybe I’ll post a little teaser.

Exciting changes are coming to our website too, so make sure you keep an eye out.

Amber Cavazos

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