Wedding DJ or Club DJ? Why Not Both?

You’re all set for your big day. The venue is booked, the seating arrangements are set, the flowers are picked, but now you have one last task: the music.

You know you want someone upbeat to help you celebrate the future, but there are so many options. Do you want a traditional wedding DJ or someone that regularly plays at clubs? Both types of DJs have different skill sets.

Weddings normally do not have one single age group to cater to. People of all walks of life will be in attendance, so a wedding DJ must find the perfect balance in order for everyone to enjoy the party.

Club DJs definitely don’t have to be as formal or make as many announcements. In fact, club DJs should stay off the mic as much as possible and let the music do all the talking.

Is there a way to combine the two types and create an almost super DJ? At Famous DJ Agency, it’s not only entirely possible, but the norm.

All of the Famous DJs do not just entertain at parties, but they also are the ones that keep clubs packed into the early hours of the morning.

Famous DJ Agency prides itself on working with DJs that are able to hone in the best traits of both DJing styles in order to give clients a unique experience.

It goes without saying that the Master of Ceremonies will be speaking for a good amount of time at any given wedding, but, unfortunately, they can speak too much. This is where experience as a club DJ comes in handy.

Since no one wants to hear the DJ ramble when they’re having a good time out, club DJs are experts at only speaking when it is super important. Even then, the announcements are kept shorter than a handful of seconds.

Wedding Djs know the ins and outs of your event – at least they should – so, they should know when to announce something and how to keep the event moving.

Famous DJs are trained MCs and, with their club experience, know how to let everyone know when important things are happening without being the annoying guy that everyone eventually talks over.

When it’s time for everyone to get on the dancefloor, well, let’s be honest, no one knows how to do that better than a club DJ. BUT how do you get grandma and that super shy relative to get up and blow everyone away with their dancing skills? Only the best DJ can do that. In other words, only a Famous DJ can get everyone out of their chairs and on the dancefloor.

Since Famous DJs are part wedding DJs, they are professionals at finding the right balance of music so everyone can enjoy the party. Being club DJs, they are also able to hype it up so that everyone envies that they didn’t hire a Famous DJ for their event. 

Too good to be true? Attend one of our events or trust us with one of yours and let me know how you feel afterward.

Amber Cavazos

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