We’re In This Together

This year is quickly winding down, but it’s not time for a year in review just yet. We still have to close out some of our exclusive holiday parties and say goodbye to 2017 with a bang.

Like many companies, Famous team celebrated our prosperous year with a Christmas party. We spent Saturday night at the sophisticated 555 East American Steakhouse in Long Beach.

Unlike other companies, Famous DJ Agency is relatively small. While some may see this as a disadvantage, we see it as a strength.

We are able to connect with each other on a deep, personal level. Over dinner, we were able to enjoy each other’s company and talk about a variety of things, especially “the people’s champ,” just like our families at home.

I mentioned this in a previous blog, but I can honestly say that I am comfortable enough with everyone to talk to and hang out with them. A few of us actually go out together often. I don’t think that good companies can go without this type of internal relationships.

Brandon, the mind behind DJ 4K0 and Don Dirty, put it best: “We’re a family, so I hope no one ever feels alone. We’re in this together.”

This idea of family is also central to our company’s mission. Music is supposed to bring people together and celebrate life. If the DJs (and their agency) can’t first relate to others, then how can they do the same on stage?

We like to view everyone that works with or hires us as an extension of the Famous family. We are definitely not a company that is happy with doing the bare minimum for a client. We genuinely want for every client to be over the moon with our services.

Having an amazing team not only allows us to go the extra mile for our clients, but it also enables us to grow more than ever.

This year, we have been able to do many more shows than last year and have extended our family.  (I am proud to be one of the new additions.)

We’ve also been lucky enough to squeeze in a road trip or two for some exclusive events.

Our DJs have also been up to some pretty impressive things. Our very own Don Dirty was on the radio last week! If you missed out on his amazing mix, 1. How could you?? And 2. Be sure to head over to his soundcloud. You can listen to it there.

This year just marks the beginning of our journey though. We have amazing things lined up for you guys, so make sure you follow us on social media! I can guarantee that you won’t want to miss out.

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