What It Means To Be Part Of The Team: The Amber Cavazos Perspective

Being a part of the Famous team is really a unique experience. I’m a little bit of an outsider when it comes to the music industry. I am not a DJ and I definitely don’t make my own music. I don’t do anything in the music field at all actually, unless my (terrible) singing in the car counts.

However, I bring a different sort of creativity to the table. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s writing. Instead of playing with tones and songs, I play with words to create something that others can enjoy.

I never really thought that a DJ agency would really need a writer or a blogger, but I started to notice how good it is for the company to have a weekly blog. It really sets us apart from a lot of other DJ agencies.

It’s also really great to know that the Famous team isn’t just a group of people that work together. The Famous team is a family.

It’s an amazing thing to be able to work for and with the people I hang out with. Sure, there’s conflicts because we may be “too comfortable” at times, but we are able to accomplish many more things because we know how each other work.

Many companies do not have the advantage of personally connecting with their employees and it’s a shame. By working with family, we are able to really focus on what we want in a way that many other companies cannot.

I’m not throwing shade out there, but some people might not be the best at getting things going. That’s totally okay though because others already know where to pick up the ball and keep it going.

The Famous team functions like an immaculate machine. This is only possible because we have such a good relationship with each other.  We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so we know when to help out without being asked.

Our helping spirit did not begin with this company though. For those that don’t know the story of how we met, many of us met through volunteering.

Before working with the Famous team, I had known much of the team for years. We volunteered in a local religious youth group and spent countless hours together planning and executing various retreats and activities.

When I was asked to join the Famous team, I could not have been happier. As weird as this sounds, I did have anxiety that I wouldn’t fit in well with the team- after all, I basically had no music experience. All of this anxiety scurried away when I was still included in team meetings, even if they were not as relevant to the blog.

The Famous team really welcomed me into the company with open arms and made me feel like a valuable member, even if I wasn’t the one DJing at 12+ events in one weekend.

I also had some reservations about sharing what I wrote with others. I received a B.A. in English Literature and am currently working a Master’s degree, so writing is definitely not some foreign beast, but I had never actually made my work public before.

Since the Famous team is family, they supported me and the work I produced. This was crucial for me because not only did it make the blog better, but it made me a better writer too (at least I think it did, but you can be the judge).

It’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to grow as a person and as a writer within a company. It’s even sweeter when the company is made up of the people that you have already been growing with in a different capacity.

Amber Cavazos

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