What It Takes To Have A Residency As A DJ

What It Takes To be Have A Residency As A DJ



Although it may seem like being a DJ is a solo job, that is far from reality. Often times, a few DJs will have residences at the same venue and they will have to work together. Furthermore, some DJs will be chosen as openers for other more well-known DJs, so it is very important for a DJ to be a good teamplayer.



Expertise is what differentiates an average DJ from a great DJ. It’s the great DJs that obtain residencies and who are well respected. Having expertise includes being well-prepared, knowing how to operate equipment, and keeping up to date on new music. Lastly, there is high competition when it comes to having a residency, so in order to stand out, it is necessary that DJs are excellent at their craft. The music industry can be very cut-throat, so a DJ must have a competitive edge if they want to succeed.


Read The Crowd

This is always important for a DJ to do whether he is playing at a wedding, party, or even a club. Reading the crowd is how a DJ can be aware of how the audience is engaging and reacting to the music. From there, he can adjust his tracks or make changes. Paying attention to the crowd is the DJs most valuable form of communication. This is also important because DJs that are able to gauge the crowd realize that their opinion and artistic taste aren’t the only ones that matter.


Good Reputation

A good reputation is built and earned over time, but a bad reputation can be earned fairly quickly. It only takes a couple bad impressions to build a bad reputation, especially with social media being so popular. For that reason, building a solid reputation should be a DJ’s top priority in order to represent the venue they are residing at.  


Ultimately, these are the qualities that help a DJ land a residency. While these excellent skills can allow a high-profile DJ to obtain a residency, they can also be key qualities to look out for when searching for a professional DJ for your event. As you search for the perfect DJ, look for one that will work with you, have knowledge, read your crowd, and have excellent testimonials. Since we only hire the best, our Famous DJs are equipped with all of the above traits. See for yourself; check out our website to find testimonials written about Famous DJ Agency by brides and grooms from Wedding Wire!

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