What’s In A Name? Apparently, A Lot

Of course, names are pretty important, but did you know they could make or break your company? We learned the hard way, but the end result is a whole lot better than we ever could have imagined.

Before your favorite DJ company (obviously us, at least it better be) became known as Famous DJ Agency, we tested out a few other names.

In our humble beginnings, we were simply known as ESC Events. DJing was not the main focus of the company just yet. It was definitely an important part of it, but the company focused on events as a whole as opposed to just the music portion.

After a while, sharing a name with a keyboard key became too weird, so our new name became Escape Entertainment. Switching the company’s name seemed like it was too small of a change, so we came up with a new, catchy slogan too: “escape from the ordinary, plan your event with us.”

The fire for DJing was burning brighter and the urge to focus on the art was something Francisco Sandoval could no longer ignore.

Get Famous DJs was the first step to focusing on the one thing we do best: DJing. Get Famous DJs aimed to bring quality music to middle class events. The goal was for everyone to be able to afford good DJs. It does not matter if you are a well-known celebrity or just an average Joe, no one deserves to have a mediocre DJ at any of their events.

Unfortunately, names are everything in this industry and Get Famous DJs sounded more like an advertisement or suggestion as opposed to a well-respected company name.

In an attempt to be taken seriously by some of the bigger named brands (think Coca Cola big), the agency ditched the “get” from the beginning and just became Famous DJ Agency. The rest is history.

The industry fell in love with Famous DJ Agency and now the agency is booking events as if there is no tomorrow.

While the company’s humility has never faltered, Famous DJ Agency is proud to say that it no longer just DJs for small scale events. Famous DJ Agency has had the pleasure of DJing at some of the most exclusive and upscale events around. 

Though this name is the final product of a long line of attempts, the company is forever changing. Famous DJ Agency is constantly looking for new venues and areas to insert itself as well as finding new ways to improve.

Famous DJ Agency has been able to become the resident DJ for multiple bars and clubs within Los Angeles’ exciting nightlife.

The well-deserved bookings have earned the company respect and, as the name would have it, fame within the music community. This had made it easier for the company to do what it loves to do most: help other DJs make it big.

With all of the events that Famous DJ Agency has under its belt, Francisco Sandoval needs more hands to spin legendary beats. The agency currently has four incredible DJs on the team, but that’s just the start.

As our fame continues to grow, so will our team and the amount of people we reach. We hope you will be one of the lucky ones to hear us perform at one of your events.

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